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Our Story

If you’re ready to rock the hair of your dreams with wigs or extensions that will turn heads and that you can be proud to wear, look no further, because Umihair has got you covered.


As an up-and-coming company having success in different regions of the world, we build a win-win busiess with lots of hair wholesaler and hair retailers.

Umihair has recently start a new business of selling our product directly to customer, striving to deliver you the best quality, real human virgin hair wigs and extensions.Aside from providing our buyers with outstanding products, our new business model is focused on customer satisfaction that goes beyond just the product itself. Umihair makes it a point to make sure that you have a smooth, enjoyable experience from the first click on the screen to the moment you try on your product, as well as with all of the steps in between and for the years to come. The reason for this is because we’re not just about selling product, but making sure that YOU get your value for your money.

Shopping online can be a tricky process, especially when searching for new shops or products, because there is always a risk of not immediately knowing what you are going to get and if you are getting your money’s worth. With Umihair, we aim to lighten that burden as much as possible by working directly with our customers and using their feedback to maximize our products and services.


We read many reviews from other companies so that we can get the best idea of what people are looking for in their product as well as in the process of receiving it. Unfortunately, it happens extremely frequently that we come across reviews of other companies of people complaining that they wasted their money buying poor quality or even fake/synthetic hair from a certain shop or company, leaving them feeling swindled, frustrated, and disappointed. It is always disconcerting to see these kinds of reviews and makes us want to strive for something better, which is why we decided to start our new business to deliver to the customers what the other companies don’t.


All of the reasons mentioned are why we decided to start our own online shop and start selling top-quality products directly to you, the customers. By providing high-quality hair products and outstanding service to our buyers, we find that our customers remain satisfied, and most of them come back again and again, also introducing our products to their friends and family members to spread the word about our great-quality hair products. In our eyes, this is the right way to do business.


Receiving feedback directly from our customers is extremely helpful in that it gives us insight straight from the source about what we are doing well, where we could use some improvement, and suggestions or other ideas that the people would like to see. Our products have changed and improved following the feedback that we have received from customers, and we will continue to make sure that that remains consistent. This is the best way to make sure that we live up to our customers’ standards and expectations, listening to their voices and taking their requests into consideration, which is the best way to ensure that they are happy and never worry about buying poor-quality wigs and extensions or wasting their money on sub-par products or complicated or unpleasant service and transactions.


Without our customers, we have no one to deliver our product to, and therefore no business— everything we do is because of you! Maintaining a business means maintaining a strong and reputable customer-business relationship, and without you, that is not possible. So thank you for choosing to shop at Umihair, and we can’t wait to enhance your natural beauty with our natural products. Your search for beautiful locks ends here!